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Instruction is always simplified for maximum results taylored to each student specifically (and or your horse). Dressage is a complex combination of slight changes in the riders weight, leg, seat, hand and body placement and/or pressure. Don't be over whelmed by this description. My Classical Instruction starts at the fundamentals and moves forward based on the students ability to comprehend and process what is taught. I nstruction is given in a calm and supportive way allowing students to learn at their own pace and within their abiity to absorb and process information. Never feel forced to do something that you do not understand the purpose of again. The intricate details and nuances of dressage are thoroughly explained. We do not assume that you know how to accomplish a task, we explain thoroughly every building block that is the "training pyramid". Teaching styles will vary depending on your lability to absorb, understand, process information and apply instructions. With this we also take into consideration every stuents learning style as well as any other obstructions or impairements to the learning process (examples: Learning styles: visual or hands on, or a combination of both; dylexia, fear and/or the ability/rate of absorbing/processing of information). First and foremost we teach each student how to be safe. In 41 years of instructing not one student has fallen from a horse under my instruction. Then the next core element is learning correct position. From there the world of dressage will fall at your feet without "drilling" of learned concepts. We do not hold students back from moving forward with their learning. The speed at which you learn is based entirely on you as a student not on your instructor. Here, you will learn how to ride in harmony with your horse with through correct balance and use of minimal aids.

Our Services

Please review the various services we offer at In Harmony Dressage
  1. Classical Training for Your Horse
    You may also chose to ride your own horse, which means both of you will be taught at the same time. While we accept this concept, students must understand that using this method will most likely change the pace of your learning. Some students chose this method and have done very well, it is very individual.
  2. Classical Equitation Instruction
    Classical Equitation is balanced equitation, teaching the rider how to have correct position, balance and connection with the horse and how to be an effective rider. Instructor has 41 years of instruction experience in all aspects of horsemanship with 21 years devoted to dressage specifically.
  3. Grand Prix School Master
    We offer instruction utilizing our Grand Prix School Master, Nestle' (aka: Twix) a 16.3h Dutch Warmblood out of Rampal. As a teacher, Twix will always give you what you seek, if only you ask for it correctly. She is available to help our students of any level, age 13yr or older further their dressage education.
  4. Lessons Offered off Campus
    Fully insured freelance instruction offered to you and your horse at your own barn. A small travel fee may be applicable for areas beyond 20 miles to offset the cost of gas. We also offer coaching at shows, events and dressage shows.
  5. Access to Indoor Arena
    The arena is located in Brookline, NH 03033 and is a felt based mix that is very comfy for the horses. The area is approximately 160 x 40'. This allows us to ride year round. There is also a clean separate 8 by 20' heated and air conditioned viewing room and heated tack room.
  6. Monthly Instruction Discounts
    We offer lesson packages to students who wish to purchase lessons on a monthly basis. Payment is due on the first of the month and offers students 5 lessons for the price of 4. . Other discounts may be applicable, we can discuss this aspect on an individual basis. Students on going learning is our number one goal.
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